Upload Your Email Contacts


Before you can send emails through SponsoredScholar, you must first upload email addresses to your SponsoredScholar contact list.


  1. From Your Dashboard, on the left navigation bar, click Quick Links
  2. When the dropdown menu appears, click Contacts
  3. On the top right corner, click Add a Contact
  4. Enter the contact’s email address and name
  5. Click Create Contact

Frequently Asked Questions

Who should I add to my contacts?

Your contacts should be people you know personally, such as family, friends, peers, and coworkers. We recommend letting each contact know to expect an email about your campaign before you send your first round of emails.

Does it matter how I write my contact’s name in the name field?

Yes, when you send an email, the name you choose now will be the name automatically populated in the greeting. If you write the contact name as John Smith, then your email to John will read Hi John Smith. Using a first name or nickname is ideal so that the emails read more naturally (i.e., Hi John). You can upload more than one contact with the same name and use nicknames (such as Mom, Professor, or Skip).

How do I import the contacts from my Gmail account?

Instead of clicking Add a Contact (step 3), select Import Gmail Contacts and follow the prompts.

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