Share Your Campaign to Social Media


Along with sending SponsoredScholar emails, you may want to share your campaign to social media. You can always copy and paste the link directly (for channels such as text, group message, and other social platforms), or you can use the Share this Page tab on your campaign page to post to Twitter, Facebook, or send an email directly from your email account without leaving the page.


  1. Navigate to your Campaign Page. To find your Campaign Page if you are a fundraiser, you can click on the Campaign Page title on your Team Dashboard to view it.
  2. On the top right corner, click Share this Page.
  3. Select the platform to which you intend to share the page.
  4. Add a personal message, and then click Tweet, Post, or Send.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which page gets shared when I click “Share this Page?”

The page you are currently viewing is the same page that will be shared. If you are on a different tab/page than the one you want to share, navigate to the one you want to share first before sharing. You can also share your Advocate Page by navigating to it and following steps 2-4.

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