Set Up a Cause


On SponsoredScholar, a Cause is a code that tells your school where the money raised through a campaign needs to go. While most campaigns just have one cause associated with it, other campaigns like Giving Days may have multiple accounts where donations will be allocated within the school. Causes help keep the money your school raises organized and ensure that money is allocated to the correct account.


  1. From Your Dashboard, click the name of your program
  2. Click Your Program on the left side navigation
  3. Click Causes on the dropdown menu
  4. Click Add a New Cause on the top right corner
  5. Fill in the Name, Accounting Code, and Description of the Cause
  6. To save the cause, click Create Cause on the top right corner

Frequently Asked Questions

Do we have to add Causes?

Yes, in order to launch a campaign, at least one Cause must be associated with it.

Where do I find our Causes’ Accounting Codes?

To locate your school’s Accounting Codes (which may also be called an Fund, Budget, or Allocation code), contact your institutional accountant or gift processing team.

What if my school or organization doesn’t use Accounting Codes?

If your school doesn’t use Accounting Codes, you create your own to help you identify where the money should go. Alternately, you can leave the Accounting Code field blank, though you will still need to create the Cause with a name.

What values can be used in the Accounting Code(s)?

You can use any combination of letters, numbers, and symbols to create your code.

How do I add a Cause to my campaign?

Once you have created your cause, you can select it on the Cause dropdown menu when creating a new campaign.

How many Causes can each campaign have?

Giving days and Crowdfunding campaigns can have one or many Causes. If there is more than one cause, the donor will have the option to select to which Cause they want to give. Cause Pages, however, can only have one Cause associated with them.

What’s the difference between a Cause and a Cause Page?

A Cause Page is a public-facing fundraising campaign page a specific Cause. The Cause is the account; the Cause Page is the landing page that directs donations into that account.

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