Prepare Your Gift Report for Reconciliation


With SponsoredScholar, you can filter gifts based on date and time to select your data set and download a Donation Report, which you or your team can then use to reconcile gifts.


  1. From Your Dashboard, click the name of your program
  2. Click Your Program on the left side navigation
  3. Click Donation Report on the dropdown menu
  4. At the top of the Donation Report page, choose a start and end date and time range of donations you wish to download, then click Search
  5. Click Download CSV at the top right corner

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I invite someone else from my team to access the Donation Report?

You can invite colleagues to access your Donation Report by selecting Invite on the left navigation bar and inviting them as a Gift Officer. Gift Officers only have access to the Donation Report on SponsoredScholar.

Can I rearrange the order of the gifts?

No, the order is chronological by default, and it cannot be updated.

Can I add columns to my Donation Report?

The SponsoredScholar team can add fields to your Donation Report upon request, however, we can only add fields for information that was collected from your donor when they made the gift on SponsoredScholar. Please contact to request a new field.

Can I remove fields from or edit the headers on my Donation Report?

Yes, please contact to remove fields or edit the header titles.

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