Set Up a Tracking Code


On SponsoredScholar, a Tracking Code is a code that tells your school where the money is coming from. It identifies the campaign with which a gift is associated to keep your gift reconciliation efforts organized. Adding a Cause to a campaign unlocks the Tracking Code feature for that campaign. The Tracking Code is automatically populated with an “FB” followed by a string of random numbers and letters, but you can update it to align with your records.


  1. From your Dashboard, click the name of your program
  2. Select either Cause Pages, Crowdfunding Pages, or Giving Days, depending on which campaign’s code you wish to update
  3. Click the appropriate campaign under the Team Name column
  4. Click the box labeled Tracking Code
  5. Enter the new code
  6. Click Update Tracking Code at the top right corner

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if I need to update the Tracking Code for our campaign(s)?

To find out if you need to update the campaigns’ Tracking Codes (also called Appeal Codes at some schools), contact your institutional accountant or gift processing team.

What if my school or organization doesn’t use Tracking Codes?

If your school doesn’t use Tracking Codes, you either leave the string of numbers and letters that have been pre-populated as is, or create your own. For example, you could use FBGD18 to note that a gift was made on SponsoredScholar for your 2018 Giving Day.

What values can be used in the Accounting Code(s)?

You can only use numbers and letters. You cannot use symbols, such as spaces, punctuation marks, or underscores.

Do Tracking Codes show up on the Donation Report?

Tracking Codes do not show up on your Donation Report by default, but you can request that a column for them be added. Please contact, and we’ll make the update for you.

I do not see a box labeled Tracking Code on the campaign. How do I access it?

If there is no Tracking Code box on the campaign’s dashboard, you will need to add a Cause to the campaign first. Once you do, the Tracking Code box will populate.

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