Invite Your Team


Once you have created your account, it’s your turn to invite your team. Your team will be the people who will help you fundraise for your campaign by sending outreach emails and sharing the campaign.


  1. From Your Dashboard, click Team Dashboard
  2. Click the Invite Fundraisers button, then Send New Invite
  3. Enter the email address of each person you wish to invite, using commas after each address if uploading more than one
  4. Select the Fundraiser role (If you are a Team Leader, you can invite a Fundraiser or a Team Leader)
  5. On the top right corner of the page, click Create Invite

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I see pending invites or resend an invite?

To see who has already been invited and to resend invites, click Your Team then Invites. The list of invited users will appear with the option to resend the invite, located in the right column, if they have not yet accepted it. You cannot remove an invite once it has been sent.

I see a Fundraiser and Team Leader role option - which should I choose?

Team Leaders will have the option to invite others as a Fundraiser or a Team Leader. The difference is that Team Leaders can edit the main campaign page, while Fundraisers can only access the fundraising tools.

How can a Fundraiser edit the campaign page?

A Fundraiser will not be able to edit the main campaign page, so they will have to upgrade their role to a Team Leader. To do this, another Team Leader will have to send a new invite to the Fundraiser and select the Team Leader role. Follow the above steps to do so.

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