Give to a Campaign


On behalf of our fundraisers, thank you for considering making a gift to a meaningful cause. The following instructions should help you support a campaign, just in case you run into any challenges. You may also contact us if you continue to experience any issues making a gift.


  1. Navigate to the campaign page in which you’d like to make a gift
  2. Click Give Now at the top right corner
  3. Begin by selecting a gift amount, or writing your own
  4. Complete the remaining one-page form
  5. Click Give now

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to sign in to give to a campaign?

No, only fundraisers need to sign in.

Why did I get an error message?

You may have received an error message for a few reasons. If the error message comes back with actionable information, fix what the message says and try making the gift again.

If the error code is ambiguous and doesn’t provide actionable steps, it could be that the bank or card issuer declined the payment or the Payment Processor may have declined it for an unspecified reason. Double check the information you wrote against your bank record, use a different card (if possible), or contact us at and we can investigate further for you.

Why did I get an error message, even though the fields turned green?

A green field means that you entered the information in a format that the payment processor can read. The fields turns green on the form when you have entered information in an approved format, but it does not mean that it’s confirming the information that you entered will be approved.

Alternately, a field that turns red when the information is in an incorrect format and needs to be reformatted.

Why is there a pending charge in my bank account if the payment was declined?

A pending charge means that your bank received your request to make the payment. If you received an error message, the charge should not post to your account. Contact your bank for more information on the pending charge.

The donation form froze when I clicked submit. Did my donation go through?

Your gift may have been approved, even if the Thank You page didn’t populate. You can confirm if your donation went through by checking your email for the gift receipt, or you may contact so we can confirm for you.

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