Customize Your Gift Receipt


SponsoredScholar automatically emails Gift Receipts to your donors following their donation to a campaign. While the majority of the receipt is static, such as your branding and the thank you message, you will want to add a custom note to share relevant tax and contact information for your donors.


  1. From Your Dashboard, click the name of your program
  2. Click Your Program on the left side navigation
  3. Click Gift Receipt on the dropdown menu
  4. Enter the details your donors need to know, such as tax and contact information
  5. Click Create Gift Receipt on the top right corner

Frequently Asked Questions

Can we customize the thank you message on the Gift Receipt?

No, the Gift Receipt is static, and outside of branding, the only area that you will be able to customize is the message at the bottom dedicated to your tax and contact information.

Note: the thank you message reads, “Thank you for supporting {your school’s name}. For your records, a receipt of your gift appears below.”

How do I update the tax information message?

To edit your message, follow the steps above and click Update Gift Receipt on the top right corner.

How long should the custom message be?

We recommend keeping your message to a 2-3 paragraph limit.

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