Create Your Supporter Advocate Page


After you give to a campaign on Funderbolt, you will have the option to become an Advocate for the cause. To become an Advocate, you will need to create an Advocate Page. This page will be linked to your name on the Supporter Wall, and it will be your opportunity to share about why the cause is meaningful to you.

We encourage you to share your Advocate Page with your community. Other than your story, the Advocate Page automatically includes a link to the donation form, so visitors can easily give to the campaign through it.


  1. After making a gift, click Join Our Campaign under the thank you message
  2. Fill in the fields to share about yourself and why the campaign matters to you
  3. (Optional) Choose a Profile Image
  4. Click Create Your Page

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I edit my Advocate Page?

At this time, you cannot edit your Advocate Page, so make sure you review it thoroughly before creating it. If there are critical edits you need done to your page, please reach out to our Support team at In the email, please include the full headline and body paragraphs so that our team can ensure it’s exactly as you want it.

What do I do with my Advocate Page after I create it?

While you can leave it for others to browse when they click on your name on the Supporter Wall. To maximize views to your page and spread the story of the campaign, we recommend sharing it with others to help “advocate” for the campaign!

I didn’t create an Advocate Page right after donating. Can I still create one?

At the bottom of your emailed gift receipt, there is a button that says Join Our Campaign. This button never expires, and you can create your Advocate Page by clicking it at any point during the campaign.

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