Create Your Fundraiser Advocate Page


Your Advocate Page highlights your connection to the campaign and why it’s meaningful to you. If your team includes a Team Description section on your Campaign Page, you will see your profile picture with a link to your Advocate Page there. Regardless of whether your team chooses to include this section, you will be able to share your Advocate Page in outreach emails and to social media once your campaign launches.


  1. From Your Dashboard, click Team Dashboard
  2. Click Your Advocate Page
  3. Fill in the Why I Care and Short Story fields. Both must be completed to save the page.
  4. Click Upload Image, then Select Files to Upload. Choose your profile image, then position the square to crop the image if necessary, and click Save. Click Upload if you are satisfied with the image or the back arrow to choose a different picture.
  5. On the top right corner, click Create Page.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I preview my Advocate Page before saving it?

If you make updates to your Advocate Page after you’ve created it and wish to see the updates before saving them, select the Preview Page option at the top right corner. Then, click Update Page to save your changes.

Will my profile image save if I don’t save the page?

No, selecting a new profile image does not automatically save it to your Advocate Page. You must also click Update Page at the top right corner to save your new image.

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