Create Your Fundraiser Account


In order to use SponsoredScholar's fundraising tools, you must first create an account by accepting your invitation or signing up via your school's portal page.


  1. Request invite from school, team leader, or enter information via portal sign up page
  2. Look for the email from SponsoredScholar
  3. Click Create Your Account
  4. Enter your Name, Phone Number, Birth Date, and Student ID (if not shown)
  5. Confirm you agree with our Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, and End User Agreement
  6. Click Create Account.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I already have a SponsoredScholar account from a past campaign?

If you have previously fundraised with SponsoredScholar, click the invite link, and the new campaign will be automatically added to your account. If the invitation is sent to a different email than the one you used last time, you can either create an account with your new email or click Already have an account? to log in with your previous email address.

Can I accept invites for multiple users on the same computer/browser?

No - accepting multiple invitations from the same browser while signed into SponsoredScholar will automatically re-apply the campaign to your account, no longer allowing the person who was invited to accept the invitation. Each user should use a different browser or computer to accept the invite.

Once I create my account, can I use my invite to sign into SponsoredScholar later?

The emailed invitation link can only be used one time. Once you’ve created your account, you can log in at

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