Build Your Team’s Campaign


The Campaign Builder allows your team to create your campaign, which includes the campaign landing page you will share with your community, as well as important information like launch date, funding goal size, and social media settings.


  1. From Your Dashboard, click Team Dashboard
  2. Select Manage Campaign
  3. Fill out the form; required fields feature an asterisk(*)
  4. In the top right corner, click Save Changes

Frequently Asked Questions

What information is required to create the campaign?

The first Team Leader invited to SponsoredScholar must complete the required fields (marked with asterisks*) to create the campaign. Following their initial content, any Team Leader or Fundraiser will be able to add or update the content on the builder.

How do I upload my YouTube video to my SponsoredScholar campaign?

To upload your video from YouTube, go to your YouTube video and select Share, then Embed. You will see an embed code, but the only part you need is the quoted URL that begins with "https://" and ends with numbers and letters, so erase all part of the code on either side of it, including the quotation marks. The format should look something like this:

Why isn’t the content on my Campaign Page section saving?

For the Campaign Page section, you are only required to create the Hero section. All other sections are optional, however, for any section, if you fill in the Headline, you must also fill in the Content field, and vice versa. If you only fill out one of the fields, your page content will not save. In order to save an image to a section, you must also write in the Headline and Content fields.

Can I preview my Campaign Page before I save the changes?

Yes, if you wish to see how your Campaign Page looks before you click Save Changes to Campaign, you can click Preview Updates in the top right corner. We recommend always previewing updates before you save, as you will not be able to revert to previous versions of your campaign.

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